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Last Updated - May 2016


David Bartley indicates that he requires THREE additional strong male helpers to assist in getting the Oven back into our Smiggins Lodge next weekend.

The reinstallation of the oven is the prime task on this next ( and last ) workparty before the winter season, and even if you can only provide assistance for Saturday 14th May, then that would enable David to complete the heavy work to move the oven back into the lodge for physical gas fitting and electrical setup by tradesmen on the Sunday..

Unfortunately if three helpers are not available, we are likely to have to use club funds to pay for external assistance ( which we would like to avoid ).

Please see extract from our Last News Letter below, together with contact details for David Bartley…………


David E Carr


SMIGGINS LODGE - WORK PARTY Saturday / Sunday 20/21 February

Our last News Letter indicated that we would advise early in the New Year on the date for our first workparty weekend at Smiggins this year…..

So, good to the word, we am now able to advise we are scheduling a SMIGGINS LODGE WORK PARTY for the WEEKEND 20 / 21 Feb ‘16.
Members and families, and member friends who are interested in joining our lodge are invited to attend……..

Club Director David Bartley is co-ordinating the work for the weekend, and if you would like to help and to join a happy group of club friends while working to get our Lodge ready for the upcoming winter season , please inform David Bartley by email ( ) of your desire to attend.

Also as a reminder, we want to confirm that you are offered free accommodation at the Smiggins Lodge for the weekend, all meals are provided ( we hope one/some of our member Home Chefs or Chief de Kitchen ) will come and assist in this way. The club will also reimburse fuel costs on the basis that all passengers help, so please ensure you retain your fuel dockets and submit them to David after the weekend.

We are also hopeful that sometime during the weekend our new Resident Managers for Winter 2016, MIKE & KIM COLLINGHAM may call in. They have not as yet visited the lodge, so by them seeing the lodge and meeting great members, this should be a good help to their start in June coming up.

David Bartley has indicated he plans to be at the Smiggins Lodge a few days before the workparty weekend, so if you ( or some members ) are able to be at the lodge a day or so earlier, we are sure David will be organised to immediately give you some work to do.

Thank you in advance for the assistance you may be able to give, and the more the merrier will make it a productive as well as friendly and happy weekend for all.

Below is list from David Bartley indicating what he has in mind on what needs to be done, so it seems we won't run out of things to do…………..

1. New carpet
2. Clean and seal tiles inside entry
3. Clean skirting boards
4. Replace 2x20W fluoro tubes in light above desk
5. Install power points for bedside lamps?
6. Exhaust fan in bathroom jamming-needs re-fitting
7. Shower windows need a sand and re-paint
8. Bathroom door needs bog/sand/re-paint on inside
9. Shower taps need collars to be seated against the wall
10. Extra light needed in bathroom, above toilet maybe (presently only 1x22W circular fluoro with cracked cover, maybe replace with 2x20W fluoro or LED)
11. Concrete in a base for the bottom west foot of the steel stairs leading up to the managers deck. It is currently sitting on a rock which must have sunk a little.
12. Stain deck – stain is in storage area
13. Sand/paint metal stairs

1. Replace BC light bulb in in back storage area
2. Light required over tuning bench
3. Future upgrade should include tiling/painting ski tuning area with a few decent tuning tools supplied (chained to the bench)

1. Remove oven for replacement
2. Clean floor tiles downstairs in foyer and bathrooms
3. Sand and paint window frames in bathrooms and clean window glass
4. Paint foyer walls – paint is in storage area
5. Paint ski room floor and replace light glob
6. Maybe replace 20W tube with twin 40W
7. Check out why plunger switch in drying room has been bypassed
8. Repair sealing around kitchen door
9. Install magnetic door catch for kitchen door?
10. CANADA-Secure bunk safety rail – bring stud finder. Fit GPO near desk for chargers (connect to one on other side of wall)
11. SWITZERLAND – Secure bunk safety rail & paint walls
12. AUSTRIA – Same as Canada & Switzerland
13. NZ – Replace ES fluoro globe top bunk. Repair crack in ceiling gyprock.
14. All rooms – paint underneath top bunks – use the white paint in the storage room
15. Beige wall paint for bedrooms also in storage room if it is required.

1. Slash grass
2. Install racks on rear wall to get scaffold planks/materials out of dish drain
3. Clean dish drain around rear of lodge
4. Repair gutter hanging off rear roof
5. Repair rendering to rear north west corner


Photos from previous workparties at Smiggins & Jindabyne Lodges.

An easy way to remove the debris!


Gosh - Smiggins Bathrooms with a bit to do before the ski season starts. Sign up for a work party now!


Is this the lodge foyer entry where we once put our ski boots on?


Robyn Carr our seamstress repairing hems on the Top Unit Curtains at Jindabyne.


Sorry boys, I can't stay I have to paint - says David E.



Sebastian Marsden up the ladder.



February 2013 Newsletter - Click Here


News Items

Below, you can view the recent photos of work party progress on the Jindabyne Lodge.

These show the latest status of the new Units 9 and 10, Main Room, Kitchenette and Bathrooms, and they are looking good.



Photos courtesy of Andrew Waugh.

Photos of thre newly tiled and refurbished Lake Lodge Kitchen.

The newly tiled and painted Laundry and Pantry at the Lake Lodge - Jindabyne.

Our newly tiled and painted Laundry and Pantry at the Lake Lodge.






Pick a weekend or two days mid-week (Oct-May non peak times), that is compatible with your diary. Encourage a couple of mates, Members or Non-Members to join you.

Ring Gavin Boyd (0431496 721) to check that your chosen weekend is compatible to a working bee. A list of handyman and cleaning chores will be allocated to your group.

Petrol for 1 vehicle per 4 persons will be reimbursed, with receipts. Accommodation for two nights will be free of charge. $25 per person will be provided towards meals over the 2 day period.

Contact Details

Please email to

for more information.

Work Party Photos May 2012

And they actually did some work!

And some more.

Replacing a window while it's snowing outside.

Lunch in the renovated BBQ area at the Jindabyne Lodge.

Cutting the grass at Smiggins lodge while it snow.

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