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Booking details 2018 - Important, please read the changes for member bookings

Booking forms for 2018 have now been loaded onto the club website.  The Board is happy to advise that they have been able to keep the accommodation rates for members at the same rates as 2017.

 Bookings will open for members from 7pm on Monday the 19th March 2018. The board has listened to the members questions, comments and suggestions and for the first two weeks, priority will be given to full member families, couples, parent/child etc and or members bookings for a full week or more.  The remaining two weeks commencing on the Monday the 2nd April 2018 at 7pm is for all other member only bookings for shorter periods, this applies to both Smiggin’s and Jindabyne Lodges for the Winter Season. Don’t forget that if your membership fees and levies are not up-to-date you will not be able to enjoy our member rates at the lodges.

You will also notice the change in single night bookings for Jindabyne Lodge, with the previous surcharge of 50% now reduced to 25%.

Non-Member or guest’s bookings will open on 16th April 2018. 


For bookings enquiries, contact Karen Lyth - Booking Officer


Telephone: 0438 880 491

Hours: Monday - Friday to 6pm

Outside these hours, please leave a message.


The Jindabyne Lake Lodge is located at the corner of Banjo Paterson Cres.& Townsend St.

Enter the driveway from Townsend St.


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