Postponed 2020 AGM Information

Updated Oct 2020

As most of you would be aware by now, this year has not been an easy one for almost everyone.  With the COVID19 NSW Government issued Health Orders we have not been able to hold our normal scheduled Annual General Meeting, (AGM).

The board has continued to monitor the ongoing COVID19 situation in the hope that things would have improved to allow the running of this years AGM, but this has not eventuated, with todays latest COVID19 infections increasing, forcing the postponement of further reductions of NSW Government gathering numbers.

The Board did consider conducting the meeting as a virtual (Online) meeting but given the broad diverse membership, we decided that there could be a significant number of members unable to dial in to a virtual meeting.

As such the Board has decided to further postpone the conducting of the AGM firstly to ensure the health and safety of our members and those unable to be dial in to a virtual meeting.  The Cooperatives Registry has a indicated on their website the following: “Co-operatives are expected to take steps to meet their statutory obligations as soon as practical after restrictions are lifted”.

The Board has already engaged our Auditors who have completed a Financial and Audit Report with a copy forwarded to the Cooperatives Registry, meeting our Statutory Obligations.

As such the Board has taken the position to issue the Finance and Audit Report along with the Presidents Report and last year’s AGM Minutes for the information of all members.

In lieu of the fact that we may not be able to hold our AGM for some time, we have issued the documents for all members to review and if you have any questions please forward them to the Secretary for the board to provide a response.

In the case we are not able to conduct this AGM prior to 3 months from the next AGM, the Minutes from last year and the associated Finance Reports will be tabled at the commencement of the next AGM.

The Board can further indicate that there were no resolutions to be put before the members at this year’s AGM.

We thank all of our members for their understanding during these continuing and unprecedented times.

All the very best for the warmer months, 

Thanks and regards on behalf of the Board

Paul Lyth

Secretary/Vice President/Director


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